TB-500 2 mg



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Each kit is 10 vials if 2 ml each.


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Product Detail

TB-500  77591-33-4 Thymosin beta 4

Specifications: 2 mg Lyophilized Powder (>99% purity) 

*Maybe you need to pair it with BAC Water (Sold Here)

Molecular Weight: 4963.44 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C212H350N56O78S

CAS Number: 77591-33-4

Use of TB-500: Thymus β4 and tumor studies have shown that thymus β4 acetate is associated with a variety of tumors, including colon cancer, melanoma, fibrosarcoma, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer, etc., and it can cooperate with a variety of factors to promote tumor invasion and metastasis. The role of Chemicalbook thymus β4 in cardiac injury repair In the acute stage of myocardial infarction, a large number of myocardial cells are ischemic necrosis, resulting in impaired cardiac function and eventually progression to heart failure. Studies have confirmed that thymus acetate β4 has a protective effect on cardiomyocytes.

Application: Research peptide with potential in tissue repair and wound healing

Appearance: Solid, white powder

DisclaimerFor Research Purposes Only.

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